I’m slowly migrating my site from http://discoverchinese.tumblr.com (and picking and choosing some of the pages I’m moving over).

This is basically my hobby Chinese-learning site.  I am a native Cantonese speaker, but grew up in New Zealand and never learned Chinese properly growing up.  In 2013, I went to China for a year and started learning Chinese seriously.  I did about a month of classes in a Chinese language school and a month or two of private one-on-one tuition (only about an hour a week, though).  The rest of the time I just self-studied.  It worked surprisingly well, and my Chinese improved a LOT even without classes.

I’ve been trying to keep up some self-study now that I’m back home.  My Chinese level is probably somewhere around “advanced”, but it’s pretty hard to keep it up.  Through this site, I hope to share some resources and tips that I have found useful with others who are learning Chinese by themselves.  And even if you are taking Chinese classes, your progress will be much faster if you also do some self-study in your own time.  I hope that this site will be useful to you too.

I have quite a demanding full-time job that does not require any Chinese ability at all, so unfortunately updates to this site will be a bit sporadic.


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